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Preview of the Aug 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

27 Mar 2014, 15:00 UTC
Preview of the Aug 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
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August 2017 Eclipse PathI am a fan of total solar eclipses, and although it is a long time in the future, I want to provide some resources for those who want to learn about an incredible eclipse that will cross the entire North American continent in August of 2017. This summertime spectacle tracks from the Oregon coast to South Carolina and affords good views for up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds of breathtaking totality. The summer climate is mostly reliable along the eclipse track and the interstate freeway system ensures that local climate problems will be manageable should there be inclement weather in spots along the eclipse path. Here are some of the best online resources for planning to see the eclipse that I have found so far:NASA's Eclipse Resource CenterEclipse2017.orgEclipse ChasersEach of these sites offer tips and suggestions for getting to the right place and being ready for seeing an eclipse. Since weather plays such a critical role in the success or failure of an eclipse expedition, you'll need to carefully study Jay Anderson's excellent analysis. Jay is a legendary eclipse chaser and I was on his mission in 1991. I have come to respect his analysis as ...

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