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Frontier Fields

Frontier Fields: Locations on the Sky

18 Mar 2014, 16:01 UTC
Frontier Fields: Locations on the Sky
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The galaxies in Hubble’s Frontier Fields project are so far away that they cannot be seen with either your eyes or a backyard telescope. It takes a state-of-the-art telescope like Hubble, Spitzer, or Chandra to collect enough of the scant photons streaming in from the most distant galaxies to produce a scientifically valuable image. In fact, Hubble’s views of the Frontier Fields, coupled with the natural lensing power of the galaxy clusters, allow astronomers to potentially detect objects that are 40 billion – yes, billion – times fainter than your eyes can see.
The galaxies in the Frontier Fields are so far away that they appear absolutely tiny in the night sky, even to Hubble. Hubble has the exquisite ability to resolve tremendously small features on the sky and discern details that would otherwise be blurred beyond recognition. If prior deep field observations are any indication, Hubble will observe thousands of galaxies in an area approximately the size of a pin-prick in a piece of paper held up at arm’s length.
The 12 Frontier Fields are located at six positions in the sky. You may not be able to see the Frontier Fields galaxies, but you can still find the ...

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