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The Urban Astronomer

Sidewalk Astronomy and John Dobson

8 Mar 2014, 17:30 UTC
Sidewalk Astronomy and John Dobson
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Have you ever been stopped by a person on a city street who is standing next to a telescope inviting you to look up at Jupiter or the Moon or Saturn or even sunspots? Sidewalk Astronomers enjoy doing just this, planting themselves at busy intersections or interesting locations with a telescope and a smile and willingness to share the cosmos with anyone who happens across them. There is no special membership needed to be a sidewalk astronomer, just a 'scope and a socially-minded demeanor.There is a worldwide association of Sidewalk AstronomersHuge Hand-Made Dobsonians, a loosely organized bunch of urban guerrillas who enjoy standing on the street corners of the world sharing their love of the heavens. I've done this myself from time to time, although I tend to focus more on public 'star parties' and events such as the Mt. Tam Astronomy Nights or Yosemite National Park where I connect with visitors and share the night sky. But all of the amateur astronomers around the world owe a debt of gratitude to John Dobson, the first sidewalk astronomer. John was passionate about sharing the sky with everyone on the planet, did so with countless hours on the sidewalks of San ...

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