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Garver’s powerpoint presentation that will be regretted

24 Mar 2010, 17:30 UTC
Garver’s powerpoint presentation that will be regretted
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credit: spacepolicyonline.com / caption: Garver’s presentation click on it for a large version in this browser window
So according to NASA administrator Charles Bolden in the Congressional hearing yesterday the US will get back to the Moon before the Chinese – but will they?
As the Constellation programme progressed it was always interesting to dig around for the latest multi-program integrated milestone schedule that would occasionally be available officially or unofficially on the web somewhere. That helpful document showed graphically, in every sense, the inevitable slips of an under funded Moon return programme
Earlier this month NASA deputy administrator Lori Beth Garver gave us a new milestone schedule to scrutinise – even if it has the word notional across it - when she gave a presentation at the American Astronautical Society’s Goddard Memorial Symposium (held 9-11 March)
Garver’s powerpoint (one assumes) slides – shown in this blog care of a new website called spacepolicyonline.com - show an Obama space plan timeline and a version of the Constellation programme schedule
Looking at the slide above (and Garver’s second slide – see extended blog portion - that shows a Constellation timeline) the question that comes to Hyperbola’s mind is, if Constellation was ...

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