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Playboy in Space and other sundries

22 Feb 2012, 21:23 UTC
Playboy in Space and other sundries
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It can be difficult for a hard-working space professional to bring levity to their jobs. Luckily, there are some areas where space and pleasure intersect. Presenting the latest intersection: the orbital Playboy Club. The key quote from the article: “You could literally swing around the dark side of the moon”

Despite unchecked rumors about the married couple aboard STS-47, egged on by the hoax NASA Document 12-571-3570, depicted onscreen by celebrities like Roger Moore Jane Fonda and David Duchovny (separately), nobody has yet admitted to having sex in space.
A porn company made a movie called The Uranus Experiment II that famously simulated sex in space — the sex was real, but the weightlesness was provided by an aircraft flying in arcs, ala the Vomit Comet used to train astronauts way back when.
Personal spaceflight indeed.

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