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Diamond Jubilee to be topped off by Venus Transit

1 Jun 2012, 11:16 UTC
Diamond Jubilee to be topped off by Venus Transit
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As we congratulate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee as she celebrates 60 years since she ascended to the throne, we note yet another rare event is happening in this week. For while Diamond Jubilees are usually once in a lifetime event (those over 120 may remember Queen Victoria’s in 1897), nearly as rare is a Transit of Venus which on will be visible in the very early morning of 6th June in the United Kingdom (assuming the Sun is shining).
At sunrise (about 4-45am local time in London) on the 6th of June the tail end of the transit of Venus will be visible - but best not stare at the sun if we were you. Likewise DO NOT USE UNFILTERED BINOCULARS DIRECTLY to see it as this could be a one way trip to serious eye damage/blindness.
Instead hold the binoculars in front of a screen/bit of card to project the image of what appears to be dot on the surface of the Sun. The next transit is not until 2117 so for those who missed the last one in 2004 it might be worth gettting up if the Sun is up. For ...

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