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Armstrong gets his name on a NASA test centre

26 Feb 2013, 15:39 UTC
Armstrong gets his name on a NASA test centre
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While the late first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong would probably not approve, by act of Congress, he has had his name replace aeronautical engineeer, Hugh Dryden, on the name plate of the Dryden Flight Research Center in California. This will thus henceforth be called the Neil Armstrong Research Center. Dryden, an aeronautical engineer instrumental in getting President John F. Kennedy to commit to going to the Moon via Project Apollo, will now have the surrounding test range named after him.
Comment by David Todd: It has long been thought that NASA has about four or five more centres of excellence than it needs, and than it can fund. However “pork barrel” politics usually intervenes when someone suggests shutting one down. Some are wondering if this move might be a clever way of saving the station in the event that some of NASA’s field and flight test centers will have to be cut.

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