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Science stayed in Garching a bit longer

25 Oct 2009, 09:33 UTC
Science stayed in Garching a bit longer
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The clocks went back an hour last night, which gives me time to write the second part of the Garching Open Day post. Although Pedro, if you’re reading this and comparing it with my timesheet, please be assured that each LiveBlog post really does take 8 – 10 hours and requires at least £50 in expenses. Honest.
DISASTER! The Galilean Nights poster has fallen off the ESO front door. This is a job for Catherine and I. What a team, one holding the poster and the other using sellotape (or non-branded equivalent). Mission: ACCOMPLISHED.

Next we raided the cafeteria and were overjoyed to find Mrs. Boffin’s Belgian waffles up for grabs. Two hands were required for consumption, so no photos exist of this period of gorging.
The queues to the children’s section were impenetrable. So sorry ESO science writing intern Claudia, as I was unable to keep my promise of visiting before 3pm. This photo was taken as evidence:

I’m not too sure why it’s all adults queuing up… They must love colouring-in too.
So, where within the bowels of ESO to go next? Hmm, an arrow, the universally accepted symbol for “follow”.

So follow I did.

It must be ...

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