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After the clouds, Jupiter

25 Oct 2009, 02:14 UTC
After the clouds, Jupiter
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When somebody who’s English is chosen to coordinate an astronomy outreach project such as Galilean Nights is it perhaps inevitable that rain and cloud will “stop play” for at least part of the event? I say, “don’t be absurd”, and I’m not just saying that because I don’t want any cancelled events to be all my fault…
The end of October was chosen for Galilean Nights due to the positioning of Jupiter and the Moon. Yet while some parts of the world enjoyed great observing conditions over the past three days, much of Europe hasn’t been so lucky, with Jupiter and the Moon being superbly positioned behind thick cloud. For a look on the bright side, this did result in some innovative event organisers putting Plan B (or even Plan C) into action and without the poor weather conditions, we wouldn’t have added the category of “most innovative Plan B” to the list of event awards. Not much by way of compensation, I know, but it’s the best I can do!
Over the past three months or so of coordinating Galilean Nights I’ve been impressed by the enthusiasm and generosity of so many people around the world who all made ...

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