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JAXA’s Venus Climate Orbiter PLANET-C named as ” AKATSUKI ”

24 Oct 2009, 08:38 UTC
JAXA’s Venus Climate Orbiter PLANET-C named as ” AKATSUKI ”
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Venus Climate Orbiter PLANET-C, or "AKATSUKI"

We JAXA plan to launch the Venus Climate Orbiter PLANET-C in FY 2010. PLANET-C is a code name of the project that means the third of the planetary exploration projects. PLANET-A (or “SUISEI”) in 1985 successfully approached Comet Halley, and PLANET-B (”NOZOMI”) in 1998 failed to get in the Mars orbit. This time the name was decided by the PLANET-C project team as “AKATSUKI”, and I have been busy coordinating the press release. The Japanese word “AKATSUKI” means “dawn” — the moment when Venus shines most brightly as the first graying of dawn appears in the east sky just prior to sunrise. ” AKATSUKI ” is scheduled to arrive at Venus in the winter of 2010, when Venus shines as the “morning bright star” at dawn. The name also reflects its mission to newly create planetary meteorology by exploring Venus. The word “AKATSUKI”, which indicates the start of a day, implies not only a beautiful scenic image, but also the power of achieving a goal, thus the name carries the thoughts and determination toward the success of the mission. Although we JAXA/ISAS usually name a satellite after its successful launch, we decided ...

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