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“Galilean Nights” and the Observational Exam of the IOAA 2009

23 Oct 2009, 16:30 UTC
“Galilean Nights” and the Observational Exam of the IOAA 2009
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IOAA 2009, Tehran, Iran
At the moment, I’m proudly in Iran to help out the academic committee of the 3rd International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) which is being held in Tehran, Iran right now. This event is an international competition among high-school students who compete through three different types of exams: (1) Theoretical, (2) Practical, and (3) Observational.
According to the official description of this Olympiad, “IOAA which has been designed to be a truly international organization on Astronomy and Astrophysics competitions, is run by an international committee, whose members are elected from international members of the organization. The purpose of IOAA is to promote interests and educations on astronomy and astrophysics of high school students. By participating in the competitions, students will have opportunities to meet fellow students of the same interests and make friends. This will lead to good understandings among countries and hence collaboration in future researches.”
The organizers of this year’s Olympiad in Iran decided to have the observational round of this competition during the “Galilean Nights”
Last night (22 October 2009), the observational exam of this Olympiad was held at a historical monument (Dehnamak caravansary) which is located about 150 km away ...

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