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EurAstro: the society that never disappoints

23 Oct 2009, 12:47 UTC
EurAstro: the society that never disappoints
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Readers of the 100 Hours of Astronomy LiveBlog will surely agree that visiting EurAstro’s Sky Bar was a highlight. Well, this dedicated group of stargazers have risen to the challenge of Galilean Nights and are running a few events. The first of which is back at their Sky Bar.
Step one: get there. Let’s pile into the IYA2009-mobile, a.k.a. Pedro’s car. Roll-call for those travelling:
* Pedro Russo, coordinator of IYA2009.
* Catherine Moloney, coordinator of Galilean Nights.
* Lee Pullen, coordinator of… umm, coordinator of… hmm… coordinator of getting the cereal out of the cupboard at Hotel Mariana.
Despite hitting every red light and getting stuck in traffic, we made it. The security guard was the same guy as last time. He didn’t give any bother though. Obviously he learnt his lesson. Whatever that may have been.

They’re running another tombola! Fate conspired to make me miss the last one, and the same happened again. The only logical explanation is that a higher force does not approve of my participation in EurAstro tombolas.
The weather was pretty awful but that didn’t stop EurAstro members from setting up their telescopes, exhibition-style.

Or maybe they were being used to spy on ...

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