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Jennifer Eigenbrode: Calculating Risks

13 Feb 2014, 15:55 UTC
Jennifer Eigenbrode: Calculating Risks
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Jennifer Eigenbrode: Calculating Risks: Jennifer Eigenbrode is a co-author on the recent Science paper discussing results from the Curiosity rover’s Radiation Assessment Detector. Curiosity is the first mission to return radiation data from the surface of another planet (Mars)!

Eigenbrode is a researcher at NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, and it was her passion for the search for life on Mars that led her to the agency.
“Radiation is probably the key parameter in determining how much alteration organics are experiencing in the rocks on the surface. If we find organics on mars, the circumstance in which we find them [the context of the rocks], the history of the rocks, and the chemistry that we find, will help guide our mission strategy.”

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