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Results of the 2014 Key Project Allocation

6 Feb 2014, 20:29 UTC
Results of the 2014 Key Project Allocation
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Last week the LCOGT Science Advisory Committee met, and, among other activities, reviewed the key project proposals. We had received 11 proposals, and the total amount of time requested was move than 17,000 hours on the 1m network and about 1700 hours on the 2m network. Although the pool for key project proposals (half of the yearly LCOGT hours) is about 6000 1m hours and 1200 2m hours, I wanted to allocate no more than half of these hours in the first call. This limitation is, in part, so that we can have at least one more call next year and allow additional programs to start, and, in part, so that we can lower the oversubscription seen by the scheduling software, with the goal of executing nearly all of the requested observations.I am pleased to announce that the following programs have received LCOGT network time. Title of programPrincipal Investigator2014B(1m)(2m)2015A(1m)(2m)2015B(1m)(2m)2016A(1m)(2m)2016B(1m)(2m)Echo Mapping of AGN Accretion Flows Keith Horne (University of St. Andrews)340140340140340140340140340140The Next Generation Sample of SupernovaeAndy Howell (LCOGT)800200800200800200800200800200Exploring Cool Planets Beyond the SnowlineRachel Street (LCOGT)00117210000 117210000 These project teams are large with good representation by much of the science collaboration. I did not have room in the table to list the ...

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