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Sky Caramba

February 2014 astronomy events

26 Jan 2014, 00:00 UTC
February 2014 astronomy events
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A month without a new moon. Mercury passes from evening to morning. Northern solstice on Mars. The moon blocks the view of two planets. Continue reading →

¡SkyCaramba! Weekly astronomy blog for the week ending February 1, 2014
For about three quarters of the world, February will be a month without a new moon. The new moon phase occurs on January 30 at 21:39 Universal Time. It will be late morning on the 31st in some Pacific Ocean regions at that time. The next new moon will be on March 1 at 08:00 Univeral Time. It will still be February 28 in some parts of the Pacific Ocean east of the International Date Line. For nearly all of the Americas and points east of them, it will be the 1st and all of February will have come and gone without the moon being new again.
The moon will be next to Mercury in the evening sky at the beginning of February. At the month’s end, the moon and Mercury will be together again in the morning sky. In between, Mercury goes through inferior conjunction on the 15th. That means it will be passing between the earth and sun. Mercury will ...

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