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Debra got a message through

22 Oct 2009, 11:33 UTC
Debra got a message through
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…despite “not knowing how to work the blog”. Don’t worry Debra, LiveBlog operations are forbidden knowledge, known only to a select few.
What’s the message that she delivered then, eh? Looks like it’s about Galilean Nights and the Great World Wide Star Count event that was held in Homer Township on 10 October:
“Stars and Stargazers Sparkle at the Trantina Farm
Starry nights filled the sky for the third stargazing event this year at the Trantina Farm
on Saturday, October 10th. The weather did not cooperate on Friday, October 9th, but there were plenty of stars to see on Saturday. Approximately 150 children and adults turned out on a very cold night to see Jupiter and its four larger moons, the Ring Nebula, binary stars, other galaxies, and many more deep sky objects.
The Kankakee Area Stargazers provided four large telescopes and one pair of high powered binoculars for resident viewing. The lines at one point were 25+ deep at each of the telescopes. Stargazing visitors to the event were given information about participating in the Great World Wide Star Count using the constellation Cygnus, the Swan, for reference. As part of Galilean Nights, everyone had the opportunity to view ...

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