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Galilean Nights says THANKS to Alexander Prokofiev…

22 Oct 2009, 10:17 UTC
Galilean Nights says THANKS to Alexander Prokofiev…
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…because he just sent me a lot of stuff. And I mean a loooot.
Alexander heads the amateur astronomy club AstroDnepr at the Planetarium in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. I’m thankful this is a written blog, as I’ve no hope of pronouncing any of that.
Alexander and friends have been preparing for Galilean Nights since the beginning of August. The early bird catches the worm, and all that. Do you want a quick run-down, with events separated into different paragraphs for convenience? I hope the answer is “yes”.
Master classes were run for teachers planning on holding Galilean Nights events in schools. Beats literacy hour, hands-down.
Another project showed people how to make a Galileo-type telescope using common glass. These will be used during Galilean Nights star parties. Alexander says “it will be marvellous”.
The big star party is happening between 22 and 24 Oct. Alexander’s description reads as follows: “it’s obvious”. Mr. Prokofiev, I like your style!
AstroDnepr members are judging IYA2009 and Galilean Nights-themed literature and arts competitions.
Jim Wiggins , a totality-chaser from California, has been in the area. His report is here: http://www.sidewalkastronomers.us/id193.html
AstroDnepr member Alexander Kovalyov presented meteorites to the museum of the National Mining University.

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