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Cosmic Diary

Delicious, delicious astronomy

22 Oct 2009, 08:39 UTC
Delicious, delicious astronomy
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So I got to ESO ok, and am currently sat on what must be the squeakiest chair ever created.
Entertainment at Bristol airport was provided by watching two workmen play on a fruit machine (‘old the bells, ‘old the bells) for an hour to no financial gain. During a stopover at Amsterdam I cracked out the laptop and ploughed on with season four of gritty U.S. cop drama The Shield. Unfortunately this TV show was marred somewhat by a loud automated recording at the airport calmly reminding visitors, at regular intervals, to “mind the step”.
“POLICE! FREEZE! YOU MO—mind the step. He’s got a gun! Watch out, he’s—mind the step. Oh Je—mind the step—he’s gonna—mind the step—and then—mind the step. Just try it, f—mind the step. It’s jail time for you!”
I did a circuit of the area but failed to find any step that needed to be minded.
Time for more Galilean Nights events, and here’s a beaut to kick off with. If you’re in Gingin, Western Australia, attendance is compulsory, by the word of IYA2009. Let’s see what Carol, Stargazer, has to say:
Gingin Observatory is checking out our local ...

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