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“What are you doing tonight?”

21 Oct 2009, 23:12 UTC
“What are you doing tonight?”
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Except for jamming out to some #ClubTwitter tunes right now with @astroengine and @NewburyAS, there will be a “AstroTwitter” related Radio Broadcast tonight!
Starting in only a few hours (8PM EDT) Adrian West (@NewburyAS) and Myself (Elias, @ksastro) will be on Astronomy.FM Radio with Tavi Greiner (@TaviGreiner). The Topic is #Moonwatch, #GalileanNights, The upcoming “NASA TweetUp” and astronomical outreach in general. You can join us at by going to, http://astronomy.fm/, and if you sign up (or have) a AFM account you can join in on the chat and ask us questions! (But who wants to do that right? )
Though of course we understand some of you might not be able to make it tonight, or you might be reading this post a few thousand years in the future (by which our cockroach overloads have taken over). So Tavi and her partner Rob will be kind enough to record and post the interview on their amazing blog, “A Sky full of Stars“.
After our interview, yet another fantastic event takes place, the “MyMoon Webcasts”. In which Dr. Tony Colaprete, Principal Investigator of the LCROSS mission will present us with the latest results from the LCROSS impact of the Moon. To ...

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