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Galilean Nights In Iran

21 Oct 2009, 17:49 UTC
Galilean Nights In Iran
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One of the main interests of Iranian amateur astronomy groups is holding the popular observing and star parties. On Astronomy day and during space week many great observing events were held all across the country in public places such as parks, science centres, cultural houses and everywhere that was possible!
During the 100 Hours of Astronomy (100HA) more than 70 events were held in Iran. Many people used this opportunity to take their first look into the sky. The first day of 100 HA was matched with a Persian national holiday – The Nature Day). Traditionally on this day all family members leave their houses and go out into nature. This was a very good opportunity for astronomy groups to hold their events in public natural places and because of this many people took part and 100 HA became one of the most interesting popular astronomy events in Iran.
So, when the Galilean Nights project was announced, an organising group started to work.
This group is learning from the experiences of 100 HA and other social events and made much information available to all groups, invited groups to for hold activities, wrote some guide lines and shared the materials that ...

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