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We’re not in Kansas anymore. Except we are.

20 Oct 2009, 19:57 UTC
We’re not in Kansas anymore. Except we are.
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Long-term enthusiastic IYA2009 supporter Elias Jordan has sent me some information about his Galilean Nights event. He began his e-mail by complimenting this LiveBlog (it’s “humorous” and “informative”, you know?) so let’s give him some air time, so to speak.
Elias says that his local astro-club, the Kansas Astronomical Observers, have teamed up with the Lake Afton Public Observatory to run Galilean Nights stuff in Wichita, Kansas.
Elias says, and I quote, “…the event itself could be considered in no way extraordinarily special…”. Way to big it up! But to be fair I truncated his quote. Hey, I’ve got to get my kicks somehow. The rest reads “…but our event isn’t only for the general public in our area, but for all around the world!“
Yes that’s right. Tech-savvy Elias is broadcasting his star party on Ustream, “just as we did for the 100HA”. Let’s hope it’s more reliable than back then. You weren’t there when it was falling down around us, man!
So, on Friday they’ll be at Borders Bookstore, perhaps idly browsing the magazine section (although this is speculation) and on Saturday they’ll migrate to the observatory.
Big points to Elias and friends for broadcasting over both nights. ...

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