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Reaching into the Low Orbit Frontier

6 Jan 2014, 19:45 UTC
Reaching into the Low Orbit Frontier
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One of the great things about working on Astronomy Cast is that sometimes I get to learn about things that I just didn’t fully appreciate in the past. Today I’m preparing for an episode on amateur/community spacecraft. I knew this was something that was going on, but I hadn’t appreciated the sheer diversity of missions that are in the works. In order to try and get my notes straight for today’s episode, I am going to summarize things here so that there are resource for all of us. I’m sure this will be out of date very quickly, but hopefully it will help you appreciate everything is much as I now do. (image credit: NASA)

ARKYD: The actual first public space telescope! This project raised $1,505,366 with 17,614 backers, exceeding their $1 million goal. This mission is the first in a series of spacecraft meant to be affordable to private organizations. While this is the most funded, and the earliest funded project, it currently does not have a launch date slated.
ArduSat: This project was successfully funded through a Kick Starter on July 15, 2012. Hoping to raise $35,000, it instead raised $106,330 through 676 backers. The original goal was ...

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