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Star Stryder

Catching up on wishes

1 Jan 2014, 04:05 UTC
Catching up on wishes
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Holy expletive, Batman – I just logged into my old Livejournal account to look up a 2004 bucket list that I posted. (copied here)
I was looking it up because I wanted to see how my goals have changed, and see where I’ve succeeded in the nearly 10 years since I wrote it. All in all, I have to admit, I’ve done not too bad.
Bucket List from March 2004
First there are the practical goals:
1) Pay off all my credit cards
2) Pay off my car (completed 12/10/2004) and outfit it with the “toys” I want (skid plate, fog lights, roof rack, solid doors, new paint).
3) Buy a house or condo (purchased 07/03/2006)
Then there are the desires that may require money, but also require even more work on my part
1) I want another horse(bought 12/2008), and I want to be able to ride it well enough that I can jump 3 foot fences and canter without fear(more days than not since 11/2012)
2) I want a black belt in a martial art
3) I want to become a published book author (at least trying to publish the fiction book floating around in my head and ...

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