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Compelling Planetary Science Missions

12 Dec 2010, 21:13 UTC
Compelling Planetary Science Missions
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The blog Future Planetary Exploration has a series of posts that present one view of the 5 most compelling planetary science missions from the list that the Planetary Science Decadal Survey is considering. The posts describe missions that would most fundamentally advance our understanding of the solar system. Using this measure, they do a good job of justifying the selection of the 4 missions described so far:Thoughts on the Most Compelling Proposed Planetary Mission - This initial post in the series gives some background, and proposes the first of 3 missions for Mars Sample Return, the 2018 MAX-C rover, as the most compelling mission. In spite of some skepticism about technical difficulty and cost, the opportunity to take advantage of the favorable 2018 Mars launch window, the Mars Surface Laboratory team's capabilities that would otherwise be dispersed, and the ability to work with Europe's ExoMars with subsurface sample capabilities is too tempting to pass up.Compelling Missions - Part 2 - The Venus Climate Flagship, a scaled-down version of an ambitious Venus Flagship mission concept, is presented as the second most compelling mission. This was posted a bit before the Decadal Survey list was released, so my interpretation is that it ...

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