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Sky Caramba

January 2014 astronomy events

29 Dec 2013, 00:00 UTC
January 2014 astronomy events
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A crescent Venus passes between Earth and the sun, the moon helps you find Mercury at greatest elongation, Earth's at perihelion, and two asteroids pass close to each other. Continue reading →

¡SkyCaramba! Weekly astronomy blog for the week ending January 4, 2014
Venus is heading into the sunset as January starts. It will be at inferior conjunction on the 11th. You can see Venus again later in the month in the morning. The moon will pass by it on the 28th. Look at Venus in a telescope before or after conjunction and you will see it lit up as a crescent. The crescent thickens noticeably in the last week of January. We sometimes see Venus as a crescent for the same reason we sometimes see the moon that way. It’s a round object with its unlit side turned toward us. Venus will be at perihelion on the 24th.
The bright stars Altair and Vega are setting as evening sets in at the beginning of the month. Meanwhile, the bright stars of Orion, Gemini, Taurus, and Auriga are rising. You will find Jupiter in Gemini. It’s in retrograde motion, moving westward in the constellation this month. It’s conveniently up all ...

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