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It’s getting more exotic!

19 Oct 2009, 17:46 UTC
It’s getting more exotic!
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At least I think so. Is Serbia more exotic than Pennsylvania, USA? Hard to tell. With hindsight I shouldn’t have made such a dramatic statement with the title.
Anyway, to business. Zoran Tomic is organising a Galilean Nights event in Serbia, but more important than that is the fact he’s sent me information about it. He started his e-mail “Hi Leo”. Make of that what you will.
So what’s the event, eh? On 23 and 24 October, amateur and professional astronomers, enthusiasts and the public in Kruševac will go out to the main square and see the same celestial wonders that Italian astronomer Galileo observed 400 years ago. It’s a textbook Galilean Nights event.
Zoran is being helped with the organisation by the “Edukativni centar”. My Serbian is a little rusty, but I’d hazard a guess that it means “education centre”. Galilean Nights events are happening all over the world. As such, every language imaginable is being used so it’s fortunate that due to a studious childhood spent in full-time education with my head buried in books, I can confidently state that I am fluent in the following languages:
* English.
And Zoran sent a map! That’s useful. Although not ...

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