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Lecture in Nagano and visit to Zenkō-ji

19 Oct 2009, 09:13 UTC
Lecture in Nagano and visit to Zenkō-ji
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Lecture in Nagano
On the next day of my arrival from Korea, I got up early and went to Nagano Prefecture via Nagano Shinkansen, Shinano Railway, and Nagano Electric Railway Yashiro Line. This is to give a lecture at Mashima Elementary School in Nagano City to all the pupils and their parents, and teachers. I talked in my one-hour lecture on space travel, vastness of the Universe, popular celestial objects like the Moon and the Sun, activities in space including the International Space Station, and importance of looking back the Blue Planet from space. The lecture will be available through local cable TV later. After the lecture, the organizer took me near Nagano station, and I used this occasion to visit Zenkō-ji temple for the first time. In the precincts of the temple, there were little girls dressed up in fine kimonos for a festival for children of three, five and seven years of age. In the main building of the temple, I experienced “Okaidan-meguri” — a tour of a totally dark corridor under the floor of the main building, which is the darkest area I know even compared with optical observatories in Chile on a cloudy night.

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