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When gas-well drillers and astronomy collide

18 Oct 2009, 10:31 UTC
When gas-well drillers and astronomy collide
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Bet that’s a title you never expected to see. Ever.
The Galilean Nights team’s call for folks to send me event details has, surprisingly, not gone ignored. First past the post is Maxine Harrison, advertising—oh heck, let me copy and paste. Start as you mean to go on, and all that.
“Hello Lee! We will be having our ‘Night Skies of Galileo’ at Cherry Springs State Park in Potter County Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 24 at 7:30 pm. We will be having a talk about the importance of the discoveries of Galileo, then take a look at what Galileo looked at 400 years ago.”
Maxine said plenty more which I’ll now rewrite in my own words, giving the illusion that lots of research has been done. This so-called “Cherry Springs State Park” is the first official Dark Sky Preserve in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. What’s more it’s the second park in the world to receive gold level dark sky status from the International Dark Sky Association. So BRING A TORCH.
The gas-well drillers enter the equation a few days before. An Open House is being held—sod it, over to Maxine again:
“We will also be holding a ‘Gas-well Drillers Open ...

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