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Canned silkworm pupa snack at convenience store

18 Oct 2009, 01:34 UTC
Canned silkworm pupa snack at convenience store
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Canned silkworm pupa snack sold at convenience store
Although there was one more day of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), I left Korea on October 16 as scheduled. I left the hotel in Daejeon before 6:00 a.m. and headed to Gimpo Airport by bus. Such early departure was to ensure on-time arrival to the airport even under traffic congestion. As there was almost no delay, I had plenty of time at the airport before I could check in. I decided to go first to Korean restaurant to enjoy bulgogi and a bottle of soju. I then started to find souvenirs. At 7-ELEVEN located near the departure lobby, I found canned beondegi (Korean snack of silkworm pupae) on the shelf. The fact that silkworm pupa is one of the key products of space agriculture and the reasonable cost of just 1700 KRW (approximately 1.5 USD), plus a bit of alchol, made me to buy it on impulse. My plan to hand-carry it turned out in vain soon, at the checkpoint where they claimed it corresponds to prohibited liquid exceeding 100 ml and asked me to discard it. Was it miserable happening for me or not.

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