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Making your own telescope! Easy or difficult?

16 Oct 2009, 11:14 UTC
Making your own telescope! Easy or difficult?
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The Galilean Nights are approaching and there is another opportunity for everyone to see how huge is the universe and how astronomers, since the Galileo Galilee, have tried to discover more mysteries of this extremely big space around us!
My impression is that beside the science, at the moment, the instrumental technology plays a very important role in our understanding of the universes, on what is happening in any specific part of the space and of course, HOW!
Simply, more discoveries can be obtained by better instruments.
The instruments are meant to be any kind of telescopes (either ground or space based), any other facilities which help better quality and more accurate results, e.g. adaptive optics on ground based telescopes which reduces the atmospheric effects, and the measuring instruments like CCDs, photometers or spectrometers. But the question is how much it’s difficult to make those instruments? Galileo Galilee made (or used) the first one 400 years ago and nowadays there are several small and big manufacturers which produce a wide variety of different instruments with different qualities and prices.
BUT, what I’m intending in this note, is about how to make our own instruments and start observation with the one ...

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