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Getting Comet ISON Hubble Data

16 Aug 2013, 12:11 UTC
Getting Comet ISON Hubble Data
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Yesterday we held our second Hubble Hangout on Comet ISON, specifically on how to get Hubble data of the comet. Max Mutchler and Zolt Levay were onhand to discuss some of the processing issues and locations people can go to on the web to obtain the files. Dr. Bonnie Meinke was available to talk about the science behind the comet.

Now, I can't imagine that this would be true, but if you're one of the people out there who -- amazingly -- doesn't have time to watch the hangout in its entirety, I've gone to the trouble of highlighting some of the more salient points.

So while I'm trying hard not to be upset that you can't watch the whole thing, here are the bits you won't want to miss:

Bonnie caught us up on the latest news of ISON with an amateur image taken by Bruce Gary from an 11-inch telescope in Arizona.
Max makes a good point about the difference between an image and data.
Max on why Hubble isn't a point-and-shoot camera

Scott gets a post on Sky & Telescope about ISON and how it's already disappointing

We want to make sure we ...

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