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bbc movie review

7 Nov 2013, 06:15 UTC
bbc movie review
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Houston Terra Nova our profile is down the middle.Power systems nominal. Roger that telemetry shows NTR status is nominal can you confirm?I confirm your standardary [sic?] constraints. Roger that. Air Force, NavyIn order of occurrence: a fleet of four vehicles including Mars rendezvous and nuclear thermal propulsion, uniforms, baseball caps, boring techno dialogue [see above], unconstructive provocative xenophobic race to Mars with China, clunky 1980s cockpit technology, cheesy faulty alarm drama at launch, bossy hierarchical command decision making, artificial gravity spin (unnecessary), apparently they went to the moon first (ridiculous), realllllly borrrrrrring family "v-mails", the traitors : ) are counting down return weeks to Earth ("only eighty two more to go…that's not so bad"), manual jettisoning of mechanical arm "so it doesn't impact the crew hab when we swing around," suspicious Russian crew member, boring crew members give showcase their lack of character through Reality TV like confessional interviews, over emphasize impact of zero G and recovery period, its a 60 day Apollo-style flags and footprints program, another tech-failure drama…this time the French guy shouts at the food dispenser because there is no hot water for his tube food - initiating another blame the Russian sequence, cheesy partially shaved beard, ...

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