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Astroboy Akshay

Why bachelor's in USA?

25 Oct 2013, 14:44 UTC
Why bachelor's in USA?
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Its a common question that I encounter, as to why I decided to take this risk, struggle and come to US for undergraduate even though I come from a family whose monthly income is 15,000 Indian rupees. All might be surprised as to how I even made this possible at the time when I had Rs.150 in my pocket and dreamt about studying in US. The passion and determination for a career in Space science and Technology, the desire to work in an organization like NASA for exploring the universe, a desire to contribute to the scientific community and discover the mysteries of the magnificent cosmos before my soul leaves my physical self! All these made me realize that I need to be in the US for the best exposure, opportunities and support in the field of Space science and Technology. I took this decision after many Astronomers and Space technologists advised me to do this, when I met them at an International Space science & technology conference in 2012. I have briefed everything in my blog.The second question was why didn't I choose to do my UG in India and later come to US for masters. The main reason ...

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