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Mars, Ares (Ἄρης) Leader of Righteous Men

10 Oct 2013, 19:22 UTC
Mars, Ares (Ἄρης) Leader of Righteous Men
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Why did Aphrodite love Ares?Why are these two gods the only passionate lasting truly romantic lovers in all of Greek and Roman mythology? (Mars was identified with the Greek god Ares, whose myths were reinterpreted in Roman literature and art under the name of Mars.)Why was Ares the true love of the Goddess of Love? Bloodthirsty Ares, Ares the destroyer, despised Ares, Ares god of war. Ares hated by Olympians, distrusted by all except Aphrodite. Why? Good Male Passion.He was not considered the strongest god -- even Aphrodite's legal husband Hephaestus, patron of blacksmiths, might have been stronger. Most gods were physically fit: Apollo beat Ares at Olympic boxing; the physically strongest was Hercules. Ares is never portrayed as a hulking giant.Rape is a constant theme in mythology. Isn't it strange there is not a single attribution of non-consensual sex to him. That is important. It is exceptionally unusual. Character defining.The friends of Ares with whom he walks through Thracian woods deep in thought are Themis, the personification of Divine Law, and Dike, the personification of Justice and Fair Judgement.There are other names for this misunderstood archetype -- portraits now forgotten in popular culture: Leader of Righteous Men, Defender of ...

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