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Juno Spacecraft Flyby

10 Oct 2013, 12:42 UTC
Juno Spacecraft Flyby
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Juno is a NASA New Frontiers mission to the planet Jupiter. Juno was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 5, 2011. The spacecraft is to be placed on July 2016 in a polar orbit to study the Jupiter's composition, gravity field, magnetic field, and polar magnetosphere. On October 9 2013, the interplanetary probe Juno flew past the Earth on its way to Jupiter to receive a "gravity assist" and be put on a trajectory to reach Jupiter in 2016. Time of closest approach with Earth (in shadow) was 19:21UT of October 09, at an altitude of only 559 km over the southern tip of Africa. Then it left the eclipse at 19:39 UT and was visible from Europe and Asia (see graphs below).Credit: Heavens-AboveCredit: Heavens-AboveWe performed follow-up measurements of Juno on October 09.9, 2013. The spacecraft was then of at ~125,000 km from our planet, magnitude ~14 and moving at ~80"/min. Below you can see our image of Juno, single 120-sec unfiltered exposure, obtained remotely from MPC code I89 (iTelescope Observatory, Nerpio, Spain) through a 0.43-m f/6.8 reflector + CCD. The spacecraft is trailed in the image due to its fast speed. Click on it for a ...

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