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Awesome Stuff in Space

6 Sep 2013, 13:23 UTC
Awesome Stuff in Space
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There are a couple of man-made objects in space that almost everyone will know about: the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope, Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity and maybe Voyager I and/or II. However, there is so much other man-made stuff in space it’s crazy (and it’s actually starting to become a problem). This abundance of space-faring objects can make it hard for some truly awesome experiments, missions etc to get much exposure! I’d like to fix that with a recurring blog post series called “Awesome Stuff in Space”. Since this is the inaugural post, I’m going to cover two of the coolest lesser-known things currently in space (in my humble opinion), as well as an awesome example of recycling (which is no longer in space).
1. LAGEOS: The (really useful) orbital disco ball
When asked what the most precise method currently available for determining the position of a place on earth was, my first response would probably be military-grade GPS, but I’d be wrong. In fact, the most precise way to determine your position on earth is by bouncing a laser beam off of what is essentially a disco ball in space. That disco ball would either be LAGEOS-1 ...

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