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Big Dipper to Southern Cross

1 Aug 2013, 00:34 UTC
Big Dipper to Southern Cross
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This weekend LCOGT are hosting a live astronomy Google+ Hangout. On Saturday 3 August between 21:00UTC and 23:00UTC, myself and Robert Hollow (CSIRO education officer) will be hosting Big Dipper to Southern Cross, in partnership with Astronomers Without Borders. For 2 hours, Rob and myself will be giving you a tour of the Southern Hemisphere night sky using one of the newly installed LCOGT 1-meter telescopes at our Sutherland observatory, South Africa. Last week Gianluca Masi hosted the "Big Dipper" part using the Virutal Telescope, in Italy. We will be covering the "Southern Cross" part from South Africa.I will be in the driving seat, but the magic of having a robotic telescope network at your disposal is that you can be anywhere in the world to control them. From a laptop in California I will be controlling a telescope in South Africa, whilst talking to Rob who will be in Sydney, Australia.We will be providing live images of some of the great astronomical objects in the Southern Hemisphere skies, a commentary about those objects, and information about the telescopes themselve.The images from the session will be posted on our Big Dipper to Southern Cross 2013 page, but you can also ...

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