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Hello World!

16 Jul 2013, 15:46 UTC
Hello World!
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Sam Wilkinson

I am thankful for a lot of things in my life: my awesome family, my amazing (now former) school and the supportive, kind group of friends I am so fortunate to have, to name just a few. There is another item on my list of thankfulness which would surprise most people. Before I enlighten you as to what the mystery list item is, I’ll set the scene and give some background on me. I’ve just finished high school in the UK, and I’m a massive fan of Science and Maths as well as most Sci-Fi and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Also, I’m Canadian-American, but usually identify as Canadian (because Canadians are better at hockey). Anyway, that mystery item from earlier is a 16 year old me tiredly checking the Make Magazine blog late at night in 2011 and reading an article about the first International Space Apps Challenge. Now I should emphasise that I was very tired at the time, so all I could remember in the morning about the event was that it was the next weekend, NASA was involved and I really wanted to go. The reason I now believe deeply in sleep procrastination is that ...

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