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Star Stryder

Helsinki for a day

7 Jul 2013, 09:05 UTC
Helsinki for a day
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For not the first in my life, I find myself passing thru Helsinki. To me, it keeps being a waypoint between places that gets slept in, wandered about in, and then left behind. The first time I was here was 24 years ago. I and 24 others were on our way back from several weeks in the USSR, where we’d been studying astronomy and playing all but unsupervised in a small village in the caucus mountains. On our return, we’d stopped for a couple days in Leningrad before taking the train to Helsinki, from which we flew home. We stayed here a night, and we spent that night walking through the lack of darkness, trying to make our way to a ferris wheel we saw off in the distance. I was 15, and along with a few other misplaced teens, I walked this city till what we called dawn.
I had hoped to catch a glimpse of that ferris wheel again, but I have to admit that yesterday sleep overcame me. I told myself I’d sleep until the golden hour, and then walk a bit, capturing the city in the perfect light. But… It’s Finland in summer, and that hour ...

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