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Sky Caramba

July 2013 astronomy events

30 Jun 2013, 00:00 UTC
July 2013 astronomy events
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Venus goes through the Beehive, three planets shine in the dawn, Pluto and an asteroid are up all night, a new season on Mars, and more! Continue reading →

¡SkyCaramba! Weekly astronomy blog for the week ending July 6, 2013
Venus spends all month hovering over the horizon in the west after sunset. The constellations move westward behind it from night to night. The planet passes through the Beehive in Cancer on the 3rd and 4th. As it heads toward Leo, the moon passes the planet on the 10th and 11th. Then Venus is close to the heart of the lion, Regulus, on the 21st.
Saturn is partway up the western side of the sky by Kappa Virginis all month, slowly moving eastward most of the month. The moon passes the two on the 16th, one night after its conjunction and occultation with Spica.
It will be tricky seeing Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury this month. They’re in the morning sky close to the sun’s glare. You may spot the moon close to Mars on the 6th. It will pass by Jupiter later that day, but Jupiter is even harder to see. Jupiter and Mars will become much easier to ...

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