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Observation with with Faulkes telescope

24 Jun 2013, 10:20 UTC
Observation with with Faulkes telescope
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Ten grade eight students from Roggeveled primary school in the small town of Sutherland (Northern Cape, South Africa), which is the home of the 3X1m Las Cumbres Observatory Global telescope (LCOGT) telescopes, participated in an essay competition based on various astronomical observations they made using the LCOGT 2m Faulkes Telescopes in Hawaii and Australia. The various objects observed by these group of students range from galaxies to star clusters to planetary nebulae. Just a couple months before, LCOGT starts to allocate some time on both the Faulkes Telescope North and South (FTN/FTS) to drive education and public understanding of astronomy in South Africa. Following that, this pilot project with students of Roggeveled primary school is conducted. So far more than 15hrs of observing time is used and various astronomical objects were observed with students. We hope that this observing time would increas once the 3x1m telescopes in Sutherland are open for normal operation. After acquiring their data by remotely observing their targets using the computer facility made available by the South African Astronomical observatory (SAAO) in Sutherland community center, the students worked in five groups with each group having two students. They spent quite sometime researching and collecting various informations ...

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