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Super-TIGER on the Ice

The Long Trip Back: January 30-31, 2013

2 Feb 2013, 01:11 UTC
The Long Trip Back: January 30-31, 2013
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I got up early Wednesday morning in McMurdo and made sure that all of my stuff was out of my room. I went over to the galley for one last breakfast, said goodbye to Sean, and then walked up to the Movement Control Center, where we were supposed to show up at 7:15am. Decoration in the MCC. Once everyone was assembled, we got on our old friend Ivan the Terra Bus for one last 7:30am trip out of McMurdo.The Pegasus airfield is out on the permanent ice shelf south of McMurdo. For the first few miles, the road to the airfield is the same as the road to LDB, so we got one last glimpse of the LDB camp.Once we got to the airfield, we got a good look at one of the Kenn Borek Basler aircraft. These modified DC-3s are what we hope to use to recover the Super-TIGER payload. I'm not sure where this one, which was closest, was going that day but the other had another successful flight out to BLAST, where Elio and the recovery team got everything but the aluminum frame.We didn't go inside the passenger terminal building, so we basically waited around outside for ...

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