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Telescopes Away: Two 1-Meters Travel to Australia

11 Apr 2013, 22:52 UTC
Telescopes Away: Two 1-Meters Travel to Australia
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Maintaining a high-paced rollout, LCOGT shipped two more 1-meter production telescopes today. Bound for Australia and the Siding Spring Observatory, the telescopes will bring the total number of 1-meters to nine. A team lead by LCOGT technician Kurt Vander Horst will travel to Australia in May to install them. Australia "A" 1-meter telescope in truck heading south"This will complete our southern ring," stated founder Wayne Rosing. Eight of the nine telescopes are located at approximately 30 degrees latitude in the Southern Hemisphere. Three were installed at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) last October, and three at the South Africa Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) near Sutherland, South Africa, in February of this year.Three telescopes at a site allow for multiple observations at any given time, and for a selection of instruments. Each telescope offers a primary science camera and a lucky imaging camera. The NRES spectroscope, currently in development, will be fed by fiber optic cable from two telescopes at each site. The three geographically distributed nodes allow observations to be captured from the optimal position on the earth, and, should weather cause closures, observations can be pushed to the next dark site in the network.Vander Horst saw the truck carrying the ...

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