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NASA Asteroid Initiative

20 Jun 2013, 19:41 UTC
NASA Asteroid Initiative
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Inviting you to join the conversation about how we work together to "find all asteroid threats to human populations and know what to do about them."

On Tuesday, June 18, NASA proudly announced a Grand Challenge “to find all asteroid threats to human populations and know what to do about them” at the Asteroid Initiative Industry and Partner Day in Washington, DC. The goals of the day were to (1) provide more detail about the Asteroid Redirect Mission planning to find, capture, and redirect a 7-10 meter asteroid into a translunar orbit so astronauts can explore it and bring back a sample to Earth, (2) announce the Grand Challenge a brand new effort and new way for NASA to do business, and (3) release a Request for Information (RFI) to solicit ideas and concepts that could support both. The Asteroid Initiative proposed in the FY14 President’s budget for NASA includes two synergistic components: the Asteroid Redirect mission and the Grand Challenge.
The essence of this stage of the Grand Challenge is to begin to engage in a broad conversation with traditional and non-traditional partners to collaboratively design an implementation plan to manage the many pathways to address this Challenge. While ...

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