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Four weeks to change my universe.

15 Jun 2013, 19:58 UTC
Four weeks to change my universe.
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I’m here writing for NASA because of an internship program for my high school. That program ends today, so I’ll be talking about my time here – telling my own story for once, as it were.
Anyways, as a senior of Staples High School, I have won, as a product of my years of high school servitude, a month of freedom before graduation to spend at any internship of my choosing. Through a wonderful amalgam of kismet, effort, Todd Khozein, and Ali Llewellyn, I began my journey with the NASA Open Innovation team.
I went in to this specific internship in a state of mild fan-girl-freak-out (it’s freaking NASA, man!). To be honest, I’m not quite sure what I expected. My imagination was running so fast it probably could’ve launched into space. All I knew was that there was the International Space Apps Challenge, and that I would find some way to dig into it with hands, feet, and elbows.
Find a way I did. Within the dawn of my first day as an official NASA intern, I was enveloped in the Open Innovation Team. My passion is for telling stories and working with data – it was decided I ...

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