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#TheGreatLookUp – Over?

29 Aug 2009, 00:11 UTC
#TheGreatLookUp – Over?
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The official twitter account for #TheGreatLookUp, @TheGreatLookUp has just send out their last tweet, marking the end of the event (Officially)
Thank you to all those who have taken part in #thegreatlookup this evening its been FANTASTIC and hundreds of people took part
Even though the event has been officially closed, we here at AstroTwitter don’t see the need too end the event so early! Especially since the US participants did not have any “night sky” time during the event. So with the permission of @TheGreatLookUp we will continue this event using the same hashtag, #thegreatlookup. During the continuation of this event Elias Jordan (@ksastro) and hopefully others will tweet live images of the night sky, while interacting with the audience. For more information on the event continuation send a “tweet” to @ksastro.
All the Best & Clear Skies,
-Elias Jordan

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