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Science Channel’s 10,00th Follower announced

4 Sep 2009, 21:36 UTC
Science Channel’s 10,00th Follower announced
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Thats right everyone! @ScienceChannel has finally reached 10,000 followers!
During the last few minutes of the “competition” a bunch of “tweeters” were waiting for the number 9,999 so they themselves can click the follow button, to become @ScienceChannel ’s 10,000th follower. Though there maybe 30 people waiting for that moment only 3 were lucky enough to claim the prize as 10,000 and 10,001 follower, @ksastro, @CelestiaKat, and @NTChaddius. Though only 3 main winners were picked @ScienceChannel promised that a few RT’ers (Re-Tweet ‘ers) will receive the stylish wrist-bands too! So we congratulate @kelkel926, @celebrian, @davidAigner, and @SpaceGurlEvie for their wins too!
Lastly, @CelestiaKat, I am really happy my Twitter account did something good for someone!
@ksastro HootieHoo ! Sure am glad I saw your Tweet !
Hope you all enjoy the Science Channel Wristband, I know I will!

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