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Google Lunar X Prize Moonpie Winners

5 Sep 2009, 05:05 UTC
Google Lunar X Prize Moonpie Winners
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After a few long days @glxp finally reached their 4,000th followers mark!
@glxp had a similar contest to that of @ScienceChannel ’s which we covered earlier, but in this “contest” everyone wins! The original plan was that their 4,000th follower will win some free moonpies and some Google Lunar X Prize Stickers, though thats not all everyone gets to see a hilarious showdown between a glxp employee and a lucky spacetweep. Now, the only problem that was diverging was that everyone was waiting to be @glxp ’s 4,000th follower and win some free *stuff*! So we here at AstroTwitter decided to take some initiative and help out our @glxp friends and offer 5 lucky tweeters some astronomy Cd’s! After a couple of minutes everyone knew about the offer and @glxp started to get their last entries before hitting 4,000! We would first like to congratulate @joitheartist, @Die_Monkey, @CraiggJ, @wildfeather, @w2scott for wining our Astronomy Cd’s which will be shipped out ASAP.
But, sadly our little initiative did not get enough people to reach 3,999 instead it got @glxp to 3,996. So @glxp decided that the next 3 followers will win some cool glxp stickers! Finally people started to follow @glxp, ...

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