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13 Sep 2009, 08:51 UTC
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Elias Jordan (@ksastro) hosted a new AstroTwitter event tonight called, #SloohNights. Elias used the popular online accessible Slooh Telescopes to take astronomical images along with a group of astroimagers and posted them LIVE on twitter. He had a range of images from galaxies to the moon and from star clusters to nebulae, every type of object was “tweeted” as he received and took the image. Once the sun rose in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Where the telescopes are located) he stopped his image feed, and told all that he guarantee’s he will host many more #SloohNights.
So what makes #SloohNights so special from the other AstroTwitter events for us and Elias? Well, its because it is operated entirely online no one must ever go outside. So even if its cloudy in ones location it will most likely be clear in anothers (in this case tenerife). This is why we will surely host more #SloohNights, so if you are interested in hosting a #SloohNight for yourself or just helping out, send Elias an e-mail at: moopytheastronomer@yahoo.com or a tweet to @ksastro.
Hope to hear from you during an event!
All the best,
Elias Jordan
Images from #SloohNights September 12/13 2009:
M31/Andromeda Galaxy ...

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