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LEO - Low Earth Orbit

Chinese Anti-Satellite Test (again?)

15 May 2013, 07:30 UTC
Chinese Anti-Satellite Test (again?)
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According to Space Law specialist Michael Listner, writing for The Examiner.com, China may have conducted another anti-satellite test in the last week.
China’s ASAT (anti-satellite) test in 2007 resulted in the destruction of one of their own defunct weather satellites by a missile, and also resulted in thousands of pieces of space debris being scattered in Low Earth Orbit. Such debris, travelling at orbital speeds around 17,000 miles per hour, presents an ongoing risk to the future use of Low Earth Orbit, both to functioning satellites and manned missions.
In the LEO game you get missiles to shoot at space debris, a pastime which is, admittedly, stupid. However, LEO is a game and needs a bit of fun as you learn to master the art of orbital maneuvering. Firing missiles at orbital objects in real life is, however, not a game!
Such is the extent of the orbital debris problem that several groups have proposed methods to capture, destroy or de-orbit such debris, thereby keeping Low Earth Orbit available for safe use into the future. The last thing anybody needs is further multiplication of the problem by deliberate acts.
Let us hope, as more information emerges about this test, that ...

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